Where do you write best? #DailyPost

LandwehrkanalWhere do you write best?” asks Melissa one morning. They are enjoying a lazy breakfast in the studio on Eylauer Straße, a few days after the half marathon. Julian thinks for a few seconds, then replies: “Here of course, I love this place, and the more so when you are here!”

“Which is almost permanent!” laughs Melissa. “And I love when you are working, just a little jazz in the air, and the city in the background, our quiet street…”

Julian finds Kreuzberg inspiring, the ideal place for creative thinking. When he wants to take a break – he tends to work best in the morning, while Melissa practices her yoga on the rug – they walk through the park to Bergmannstraße and sit at one of the small café terraces, or take a walk along the canal, on the Maybachufer. For Julian, his writing is now inseparable from this peace, the tranquility he finds in the tree-lined streets, the parks, and Melissa. For she’s become his muse, the indispensable companion, his fellow runner, his soulmate.

The book is progressing well, the story unravelling, meandering between the mystery which inhabits the heroine, and the greater myth born from her dreams. He understands that the contrast between his space, their space, the peace therein, and the maelstrom of the novel, is part of his inspiration: in their space lives the real Melissa, in the novel, Melissa the ghost.